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Biology is the science of living things and their interaction with their environment. We study the factors of seasonality, flavor combinations, methods of product preparation, produce storage, aging, human perception of certain combinations and tastes, the benefits and harms of the products. The menu includes flora and fauna of our planet, plants, fungi and bacteria, we actively use fermentation processes. We do a lot of traveling, particularly to find new and exciting local products and preparation techniques, engaging flavors, in order to broaden the understanding of the products quality in relationship to its terroir and season. We have our very own laboratory where we develop our recipes and perform various fermentation projects, as well as have our own miniature farm to grow herbs.


Philosophy of the restaurant Biologie – mindful and ecological way of treating nature, resources and our guests. We take product from nature precisely at the moment when it is ready to give it to us and precisely the amount needed. We treat our resources mindfully, giving a second live to interior décor, furniture and machines.


We sort and recycle our waste, melt down glass to make décor and sculptures, compost the organic waste in order to maintain our herb garden. According to our philosophy, the only footprint left by our restaurant is an emotional one.


All of the products that we use, we use almost entirely. This way we present our guests the ingredients in different forms while keeping in line with our principles of mindful consumption.

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